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2020-08-17 12:21 pm
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HMD and Character Permissions

So, how's my Ryou? Is he adorable enough for you? Is he too adorable? Give comments down below~

Anon is on~
Comment Screening is also on~


OOC Permissions

Back-tagging: It’s okay by me!
Reviving logs: So long as it’s not months or years old,
Fourth-walling: Just as long as you don’t tell them that they’re fictional characters, or revealing major plotpoints/spoilers to them, I guess it’s okay.
Dropping tags: It happens. If it’s something you really want to keep going, I won’t have any hard feelings. Just realize that I do have a life outside of RPing, and I will forget things every now and then.

Characterization critique:
All of my characters do HMD posts, so there’s that! Just remember to be constructive in your criticisms. ‘You suck and your character sucks’ is not an acceptable form of criticism.
Writing critique: I’m a writing major, so I can take any sort of writing criticism that you can throw at me. Just please, be respectable in your criticism. ‘You suck and your writing sucks’ is not an acceptable form of criticism.
OOC critique: Just tell me if I’m crossing the line somewhere. It’s totally okay to tell me when I’m being a bitch; I won’t get mad at you.

Uhh… sure? Just message me here on DW or through my personal email. Just know that I am shy at times.
RP Only: Only want an RP-related only relationship? That’s totally okay too.
Don't tag me! Okay. Just say that you don’t want me to tag back. You don’t even have to explain your reasoning. Just try not to be abrupt and cutting me off indefinitely. I get sad. :(
Tag me back already! So long as you aren’t being overly insistent, I guess this is okay. Just remember that I do get busy with RL and I can’t be able to answer every single tag and message that I get, no matter how much I want to get to them.


IC Permissions

He’s a character from Yu-Gi-oh! Of course he loves friendship!


Out of game: Go ahead!
In game: It might be a little more awkward, but otherwise it’s okay.


Out of Game: Sure, I guess?
In Game: Might be in awkward city with that one. I guess it depends how close they are.


Out of Game: Awkward City.
In Game: Even more of Awkward City


Out of Game: Okay by me
In Game: If they’ve known each other for a long time and they’ve grown close in their relationship


Out of Game: Okay by Me
In Game: Only if their relationship is really, really close and they’ve been dating for quite some time.

Ask me first.


Ask me first.

Mind Control:

Ask me first

Acceptable Canon Pairings:
I’m okay with most pairings with Ryou, especially the crack ones. Characters such as Yami Bakura, Thief King, Kaiba, Atem, Yuugi, Jounouchi, Honda, Anzu, and others are strongly encouraged. I’m kind of iffy on Yami Malik/Marik (aka Deathshipping), though. Het and Yaoi are totally both acceptable. Crossovers and Cross-Series is also acceptable.


Plurk: krysimeterihikari
Personal DW: not-krys
Yahoo!: adephos817
AIM: shyryou2009
MSN: krys-imeteri-hikari@hotmail.com

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2019-09-02 12:21 am
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IC Contact Post

 If anyone wants to get in touch with Ry ICly, just reply here~ He won't mind in the least~
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2012-04-23 03:28 pm
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Canon Mates:

Known for:
Most of the Time

Friendship Level:

Trust Level:
I'll tell you my thoughts and feelings.
Some Phrases:
-You're someone I look up to.
-I do want to be good friends with you.
-I'd love to play games with you.
-I'd really love to play Monster World with you.
-I wonder what you really feel towards me.
-I wonder if, whenever you look at me, you see him.
-I don't want you to see him.
-I want you to see me.
-Just me and myself.
-I do feel a little bit of resentment towards you.
-But, it's okay.
-I won't let it get in the way of our friendship.
-I have fun whenever I tease you.
-But don't take it too seriously.
-I still want to be friends with you.
-You make me feel confident.
-And remind me how good it feels to have confidence in myself.
-I'd like to know more about you.
-Even though I've only known you through Yuugi-kun mostly.
-I'd still fight for you if the need arose.
Mokuba Kaiba

Known for:
Most of the time.

Friendship Level:
FRANDS~ :D (But more along the lines of an older sibling looking after a younger one.)

Trust Level:
I'll tell you my thoughts and feelings.
Some Phrases:
-I think you're cute.
-In that younger sibling kind of way.
-You remind me of my younger sister, which sometimes makes me smile.
-You remind me of my younger sister, which sometimes makes my heart ache.
-You're so adventurous.
-There are times when I worry about you.
-But I know that you can take care of yourself.
-Just don't get into too much trouble.
-I want to know more about you.
-I'd like to play video games with you.
-I sometimes wonder how you can have such devotion to your brother.
-There are times when I honestly cannot stand your brother.
-But I can understand why you care about him so much.
-Take care.

Seto Kaiba

Known for:
-Most of the time.

Friendship Level:
-More than acquaintances, but definitely not friends.

Trust Level:
-I'll tell you my thoughts, but that's about it.
Some Phrases:
-Stop trying to belittle me every time we meet.
-I'm not who you think I am.
-I want you to believe me.
-I want to have an intelligent conversation with you.
-I'm not out to kill everyone and anyone.
-I'd rather not kill everyone and anyone.
-I don't want your power, your money, or your company.
-Why can't you believe me?
-Even though I know the reason why.
-I'm not the Spirit of the Ring.
-I have a foggy memory of Battle City at best.
-I don't even remember half of the battles that I was in.
-The only clear memory I have of Battle City is facing down Slifer and falling to my knees in pain.
-I never kidnapped your brother.
-I never meant to cause any harm.
-I just want to help you guys get home.
-But, at this rate, I doubt I'll be seeing home ever again.
-Not that there was much of a home for me to go back to.
-I'm still under the impression that you might throw me into space should I do something to piss you off badly enough.
-I'd rather not be thrown into space.
-It wouldn't be a pleasant experience.
-All I really want to do is help.
-That is the honest truth.
-But I doubt you'll believe me any time soon.
-What can I do to make you see that I am telling the truth?
-All that I can be is myself.
-And even that isn't working out.
-So, the best that I can do is give small encouragements and small attempts at helping.
-Since you seem to not want anyone's help.
-And even small victories seem pointless to you.
-You belittle them enough.
-I'm not made of grandeur things.
-Even if I was made of grandeur things, it's not like you would notice.
-Or even care.
-But losing and being a loser is perfectly okay with me.
-Why can't you see that?
-I want to be friends with you.
-I want our time here to be as painless as possible, despite the circumstances.
-I really just want us to get along.
-I want us to be civil with each other.
-Can't we let bygones be bygones?
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2012-04-03 11:41 am
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[GB] Information

Arrived: Saturday, February 4th, 2012.

Room: The Stowaways, 3-7, with James Shepard [[personal profile] fightforthelost], Rider (Alexander the Great)[[personal profile] king_of_conquerors], and Amaterasu [[personal profile] motherofthesun]

Current Wage:
College Wage
Inventory: His Guide, his towel, his clothes, his Duel Monster Deck, and his White Wizard figurine. For his 18th Birthday, Atem got him a Duel Disk.

Job History:

Feb 2012: Honeybuns needs bun and roll bakers. [Minimum]
Mar 2012: Verknüpft needs pretzel twisters. [Minimum]
Apr 2012: The Palestra Foreign Embassy needs artists to paint a mural depicting universal diversity and good cheer. [Somewhat Decent]
May 2012: Melgamar Manufacturing needs staff for the catering truck. [Somewhat Decent] RAGE/SICK QUIT Resigned because of health reasons.
June 2012: The Papairo Colony needs sculpters to craft statues large enough to be seen from space. [Somewhat Decent]
July 2012: The Seen Library needs artists and cartographers to draw diagrams of the newly discovered ghost city. [Somewhat Decent]  
August 2012: The S.S. Thor needs "THE END IS NIGH" signmakers. [College Degree]
September 2012: The Seen Library needs librarians. [College Degree]
October 2012: Honeybuns needs pumpkin pastry bakers. [College Degree]
November 2012: Channel 6-2a needs make-up artists for their on-air newscasters. [College Degree]
December 2012: Rabu Rabu Sugoi Games needs fanartists for their special holiday deluxe artbook. [College Degree]

January 2013: Didn't take a job this month. I blame the mun.
February 2013: Kaiba Corporation seeks someone to program gaming devices and enter code into a central server.[Somewhat Decent]
March 2013 (Current): Templeton's Temptations needs carpenter-chefs to prepare delicious things to gnaw on. [College Degree]

Main Comm Tag 
Log Comm Tag
Activity Check
IC Contact
Personal HMD Post
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2012-02-08 12:11 am
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[GB] Activity Check

Will be putting these here until I can get my paid accounts back and this is the only thing that I can edit.

Logs. Lots and Lots of logs. )
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2012-02-01 03:12 pm
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Gargleblasted App Complete

Name: Krys
Are you over 16?:Yes. Old enough to know better, yet young enough to still try it anyway.
Personal DW: [personal profile] not_krys
Email: adelphos817@yahoo.com
Timezone: EST (Eastern Standard Time)
Other contact: AIM: shyryou2009, MSN: krys-imeteri-hikari@hotmail.com
Characters already in the game: N/A
How did you find us?: A friend told me about you guys.


Character name: Ryou Bakura
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters
Timeline: After the Ceremonial Duel between Yuugi and Atem (AKA End of the Series)
Age: 17

~*Magical*~ abilities and strengths:
He is skilled at tabletop RPG games, so that would imply that he is fairly skilled and quick strategist, especially shown early on in the series when he helps defeat the dark spirit that was in his magical artifact, the Sennen (Millennium) Ring. We see that he lives alone in canon, so it would imply that he knows how to take care of himself, so he knows how to cook and clean and basically be an independent adult despite his age. We are shown that he has some artistic talent in creating his tabletop characters himself from scratch, and probably some creative story-telling skills based on his role-playing experience.

How would they use their abilities?:
To the greatest good, I assure you. *wink*

Ryou is about average height, standing at about 5’7 with long white hair. He has doe brown eyes that, though not necessarily wide, do give him an innocent and naive appearance. With his height, he appears skinny, almost borderline anorexic but who isn’t in this series, oi with almost white skin (some fans have assumed that he might be albinistic, but I don’t think that is the case, especially because of his eyes. I just think he’s really, really pale). With his light skin, bruises tend show up easily, especially if something or someone grabs him a little too hard. On his left hand is an old scar that he had received when he was younger, as well as another scar further up the arm. On his chest are five puncture wound scars, also healed over, but they still look pretty nasty. All will be discussed further in the background section.

Ryou dresses fairly well. He wears tennis shoes most of the time with skinny jeans snuggly fitting his form. His tops are fairly modest, first seeing him with his school uniform buttoned up to the collar, to a white sweater with a green button-down shirt in Duelist Kingdom, to his blue and white striped shirt in Battle City onwards. He usually wears his long hair down and it looks a little unkempt (but who can tell whose hair is kept and whose isn’t in this series, oi.)

Ryou is distant, to say the least. Based on incidents in his past which will be explained later, distant and aloof is probably the best way to describe him. Outwardly, he appears friendly enough, always willing to answer questions and smile whenever he sees friends or a familiar face. However, there was always a distance to him. In his speech patterns, he uses respectable/polite forms of Japanese, using ‘-san’ and ‘-kun’ frequently with a person’s name, and usually keeps his language clean. He’s somewhat uncomfortable around people he doesn’t know especially fangirls, and sometimes around a group of people he does know fairly well, he still feels like the odd one out in the group.

Once you can get passed his distance barriers, however, you will find that you have gained a warm and caring friend for life. Ryou treasures his relationships with gusto, being the dorky friend that you can show to your parents, and yet still share dirty secrets and smutty fanfiction with. He’s the friend that you could take to scary movies and he wouldn’t be scared at all. Matter of fact, he would probably be the one laughing through the whole thing, holding your hand, and telling you how it’s not really that scary. Speaking of which, he loves horror and death, with a smidgen of the supernatural. His duel monsters deck theme has a horror and supernatural elements, some imagery quite twisted and disturbing.

Since not a lot is known about him from canon sources, I’ll have to be going by theories and head canon to fill in the gaps. But, as far as I can tell, he started off normally enough. He was born and lived a somewhat normal life. He lived with his mother and younger sister, Amane, with his father seemingly distant from the family. His father, from headcanon, is an archaeologist that specializes in Ancient Egypt. This leads, I think, to Ryou learning how to be independent as he felt that, since he was the man of the house, it was his responsibility to look after his mother and younger sister when his father wasn’t around enough to do so.

To compensate for being away from his family, Mr. Bakura usually brought presents home for his children, sometimes unique toys or books, things like that. On his tenth birthday, however, Ryou’s father brought home a peculiar present: a large circular ring with a pyramid in the middle featuring the Eye of Horus. The ring also features five pointed prongs on the bottom rim, all equally spaced apart, with a hole in the top where it could be threaded and worn like a necklace or pendant. This ring, unbeknownst to anyone, housed dark magical powers along with an ancient Egyptian spirit bent on revenge. This spirit, though mostly silent throughout Ryou’s childhood, effectively took over the young boy’s life, even if he wasn’t aware of it.

Soon after he received the peculiar ring, his mother and Amane mysteriously died in a freak car accident, leaving young Ryou devastated. He wrote letters to his little sister in heaven to help him through the grief, but things were just beginning to snowball for the white-haired boy. Since the nature of his job prevented him from caring for his son, Mr. Bakura sent Ryou to live with relatives while he came home as often as he could to help his son in their heartache. However, it was around this time that Ryou started to have trouble in school. Sure, there was a minute drop off in grades because he was grieving for his lost family, but that was to be expected. What was unexpected, however, were the blackouts he was experiencing; long lapses in memory that usually resulted in comas and death among his fellow students and teachers. The comas weren’t discriminating either, both friends and bullies alike all ended up in this state, Ryou having no idea why all of this was happening. Because of these incidents kept repeating and repeating, the boy was forced to change schools several times, finally ending up in the protagonist’s (Yuugi’s) hometown, Domino City.

Ryou becomes a student at Domino High School where he meets Yuugi Mutou, a possessor of an ancient artifact very similar to his ring, only Yuugi has an upside-down pyramid with the Eye of Horus in the middle that he wore like a necklace. It looks pieced together, like a golden three-dimensional puzzle. Trying to make friends despite his apprehension, Ryou makes friends with Yuugi and his group. Once he touched Yuugi’s golden puzzle, however, the dark spirit within Ryou’s ring awakened, causing the Ring’s prongs to embed themselves into Ryou’s flesh. Once Ryou was alone, the Spirit made himself known, explaining how he was after the seven Sennen items and how he would do anything to get them, damn the consequences. To make a long story short, the spirit takes over Ryou’s body and takes the soul of a rude gym teacher, thus explaining Ryou’s blackouts and the comas of his previous classmates and teachers. The spirit takes over again when Yuugi and company come to visit Ryou and they play a Monster World RPG game, the spirit sealing Ryou’s new found friends into RPG figures. The spirit had thought he had won until the spirit of Yuugi’s puzzle took over the game. As the game progresses, the spirit of the ring sees that he is losing against the other spirit, forcing him to cheat through the game. Ryou’s soul, however, didn’t want anyone to be hurt because of him and the spirit, so he did what he could to fumble the spirit of the ring, including taking control of his left hand and fiddling with the player stats, and taking the game dice to throw the game in the spirit of the puzzle’s favor. The spirit of the ring is enraged by this. He tries to get rid of Ryou’s soul by stabbing the hand that Ryou was controlling on a castle spire on the board. Ryou finally does come back as an RPG character and helps turn the game around, thus defeating the spirit of the ring and restoring Yuugi and the group to their bodies.

Ryou is next seen with Yuugi and friends going to Duelist Kingdom, a tournament hosted by Pegasus J. Crawford (or Maximillion Pegasus for the dub fans out there), owner of Industrial Illusions and creator of the modern day Duel Monsters card game. Yuugi goes to the tournament to rescue the soul of his grandfather that Pegasus had trapped. The spirit naturally followed, seeing another chance to grab Yuugi’s item. He traps Ryou again, only this time in his favorite card, the Change of Heart. The spirit then tricks Yuugi and the others to play a friendly game, only trapping them within their own favorite cards. And, like the last time the spirit tried to take Yuugi’s puzzle, the spirit within it took over again and played the ring spirit with everyone’s favorite cards. Once Ryou’s favorite card was played, he took over one of the ring spirit’s monsters to try and stop him from destroying his friends, but Yuugi’s spirit steps in again, using his own powers to switch Ryou’s and the spirit’s soul so that the spirit’s monster, and him, are defeated. Ryou then joins up in their escapade to save Yuugi’s grandfather.

The next major event in his life would be during the Battle City arc, the period in the series where Seto Kaiba, the gaming CEO of Kaiba Corporation, hosts a dueling tournament at the request of Ishizu Ishtar to get back the infamous Egyptian God cards, at the time considered some of the most powerful cards in the game. The spirit, up to his usual schemes, joins Malik Ishtar, leader of a group of thugs called the Rare Hunters bent on stealing rare and powerful cards, the God cards in particular. Malik, like Yuugi and Ryou, possesses an Egyptian artifact like theirs, the Sennen Rod. Naturally, the spirit wanted the Rod, so Malik makes a deal with him: Defeat Yuugi and his spirit, and the Rod would be his so long as Malik could get Yuugi’s newly acquired God card. The spirit agreed and also agreed to help Malik get close to Yuugi and friends by gaining their trust, and also throwing off the suspicion that he was the leader of the Rare Hunters. Ryou’s arm is then stabbed and Malik takes him to Jounouchi and Anzu, two of Yuugi’s friends. Ryou spends the majority of the tournament unconscious, the spirit in control and getting him qualified to go into the Battle City semi-finals. His next conscious moment, however, was in a duel with Yuugi’s spirit with his God monster about to attack. The spirit and Malik had thought that they could sway Yuugi’s spirit into surrendering with the ultimatum of losing, or winning and killing Ryou, since he was still weak from the stab in his arm. At the moment, however, the spirit takes over again, protecting Ryou. He realized that he still needed Ryou alive to keep using his body, so he protected the boy from most of the blast and the two fell unconscious again.

Ryou spent the next few months healing from his injury while the spirit planned his ultimate revenge, how he was going to end Yuugi’s spirit and get his item and the rest of them once and for all. He builds an elaborate plot to send everyone into an RPG game based on the events of Yuugi’s spirit’s past, including when the items were created and when the two of them were sealed in their respective items. Long story short, the spirit of the ring is defeated for good, Yuugi’s spirit is set free from his item and he is allowed, finally to rest in peace. Ryou is also set free from the ring spirit’s tyranny, and also witnesses Yuugi’s spirit ascend.

Why should that character be in this game: 

Why do you want to continue their history here: 

For applicants considering an alternate version of a character already in game, please use this as your chance to explain the key differences between your character and the one already in play:

Have you read up on how the game works?:
I’m still a little confused on a few things, but I think I get the basic gist of everything. . And the Guide plug-in that allows people to communicate is the FlamingFerret, and the three ways to get money is working and earning the money, stealing, and mooching.

1st person sample:
I don’t understand what is going on. First, there was a fish stuck in my ear and I could instantly understand whatever everyone was saying. Though some were already speaking Japanese, I can now understand other languages too, like English, and some others. But some I have never heard before in my life.

Everyone kept insisting that keep a towel with me. I don’t understand that either. Why do I have to have a towel with me at all times? Is it part of the rules here or is there some sort of special reason?

I’m so confused…

3rd person sample:
It was one thing to wake up feeling stiff in the morning, but to feel out and out sore seemed a bit odd to Ryou. He admitted to feeling apprehensive whenever he went to sleep, but he never knew worries could cause pains like these; as if he had been out all night doing God knows what.

No, the spirit was gone, the boy reassured himself. He had no control over his life anymore. There was nothing that the spirit could do to him anymore with the Ring destroyed.

So then, why was he still aching all over, and why did he have a towel in hand? He didn’t remember falling asleep with it.

He froze. Was he having black outs again? He looked around cautiously, trying to sense use of his surroundings. He didn’t recognize where he was, which made him all the more antsy. He grabbed at his shirt, releasing a sigh of relief not feeling the cold metal that used to rest on his chest. He stood up, deciding to walk to get a better feel for his surroundings.

I’m sure I’ll have them, but I think I’m okay for now. 
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2010-02-17 10:36 pm

RCA [Phone Text Posted to the Network]

Daisy~ Daisy~
Give me your answer do~
I'm half crazy~
All for the love of you~

when spring going 2 b here? 2 cold. i want flower.

any1 want a cuddle? i soft and squishy. i <3 warmth. :)
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2010-02-15 07:24 pm
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RCA-I’m Alone… [Not Private At All/Everybody Can See This]

Akefia, is it okay if I came home? I don’t like it here. There’s too many people and they keep me up at night! And I miss Ra… And Squalo-san… can I call him Squalo? We lived together for two months. You’d think we could drop that…

Atem-san, can I call you just Atem? We’re friends, right? I don’t want to be so formal anymore. Friends shouldn’t act like you’re interacting with their parents’ friends.

You’re welcome to a free nibble anytime I’m not fainting like a little girl, Seth. You and your yami. Just don’t take too much. Akefia wouldn’t like that. And the bruises would be hard to hide.

Why won’t my roommates talk to me? Am I really that boring? Sure, I was AWOL for a while, but I’m not a bloody ghost. Or an alien from another bloody planet.

I need some tea…

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2010-02-12 08:34 pm

RCA [Private Email to Headmistress Mary]

I was wondering if it was all right if I could stay with Akefia Bakura and Squalo Superbia until the pipes are fixed? It'll offer more room for more students and teachers, I hope.

Thank you for your time.

Bakura Ryou
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2010-02-06 04:10 pm
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RCA-An Update

Well, how is everyone today? Doing well, I hope.

It’s been so long since I last posted anything, I really don’t know what to say…

I guess I could welcome the new students and staff to Red Crayon. So, welcome to all of you and a wish that you have a good and wondrous time here.

I’m feeling a lot better now. I was getting over a bout with a nasty illness, so that’s my reason for not being as attentive as I should be… and don’t be surprised if I don’t stay in classes very long… I’m afraid I’m not fully recovered yet…

On a better note, Valentine’s Day is coming up soon.  Is everyone excited?

Well, have a good day everyone… see you when I see you.

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2010-01-17 07:30 pm
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RCA-Definitely -Not- My Best Day…[Half Text, Half Action]

[ooc: Remember, actions are in italics][And about the game night comment, since no one showed up or asked about it… it’s pretty much over now…it was an optional event anyway >>; Just… pretend random things happened XD unless we are all mean to him and nobody showed up D8]

Well, if I’ve learned anything from my time at RCA, I’ve definitely learned to never let Akefia near the kitchen to cook again. Is this why Squalo-san is usually the one to cook? Good thing I got these new headphones. They really know how to block outside sounds.

On a better note, how is everyone? Doing well, I hope?

It seems there has been an influx of new students. I hope that we can be friends. I’m Bakura Ryou, in case you are wondering. ^^

The game night was fun. I hope that everyone else had a good time… I know that I did…

…Well… I’ve got some homework to finish and I’d thought I drop by and give a small greeting.
See you when I see you. ^^;

And the Action Scene. Woot. )
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2010-01-06 12:54 am
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2009-12-27 10:44 pm
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Introduction to Monster World and Sign-Up Sheet

Introduction into Monster World
Monster World Explained )

Just let me know here with your name, race, and class you would like to start with. Remember that the ones listed above can be customized. This is your character. Make them your own.
The date is still being decided upon, but I will let everyone know when the date is certain.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. I'm more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Sign-Up Sheet

Yuugi Mutou-Half-Elf, Beast Tamer

Akefia Bakura-Birdman, Robber

Rebecca Harcourt-Human, Magician.

Houshakuji Renge-Fairy, Illusionist

Arthur Kirkland-Fairy, Magician

Aeris Gainsborough, Fairy, Priest.

Yuffie Kisaragi-Hobbit, Hunter

Luka Megurine- Elf, Poet

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2009-12-24 01:08 pm
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[ooc: Presents from Ryou to others at RCA.]

Atem: bag of Christmas cookies to share and a small box containing mistletoe.

Yuugi: Box of Mahjong tiles, with instructions on how to play.

Seto: Chess set, with the pieces looking like glass, but it isn’t. Some of the pieces have dragon heads instead of standard chess pieces.

Squalo: Scented bath oils and shampoos.

Akefia: Electric Guitar, with amp, picks, and a box of guitar strings.

Mariku: This )

Ra (The cat): Cat toys and one that has a bit of catnip in it.

Becca:Monster World Rule book and a figurine of her proposed character.

Peter Kirkland: Pirate hat and telescope, along with candy and cookies in a candy dish.

Erin Murphy-Kirkland: Music CD with Irish classics on it.

And Everyone Else: Unsigned Christmas cards with little messages inside offering encouragement in the New Year, along with a candy dish with candy and small cookies inside.
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2009-12-22 11:31 am
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RCA-Happy Christmas Everyone

Good to see everyone again. Sorry that I haven’t been as active as I usually am. I’ve… had a lot going on recently, but I’m going to try and be more active. ^^

Anyways, the holidays did kind of sneak up on us, didn’t they? I know they did me >>; I barely noticed until I looked at the calendar. Shows how much I’ve been paying attention, huh? ^^; I just feel glad that I got my shopping done a month ago and now I just have to wait for the twenty-fifth. Now I’m just curious about what everyone else is doing. ^^;

The dance was fun, from what I remember. I’m glad I got to socialize with everyone and give and receive a few dances. Red Crayon certainly has some interesting, and surprisingly good, dancers.

Okay, I don’t think I have much else to say. So, if I don’t see you personally, Happy Holidays and Happy New Years, everyone.
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2009-11-22 08:30 pm
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1. If you go to RCA, I want to know 36 things about you. I don't care if we never talk, or if we already know everything about each other. Short and sweet is fine.
2. Comment here with your answers.

What's under here, I wonder.... )
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2009-11-20 10:39 am
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RCA-Returning From a Long Journey [AKA Ryou’s ‘what the hell have I returned to?’ Post XD]

Good to see everyone again. I hope my recent absence hasn’t caused any problems. ^^; I was on a trip with my Father and the trip just kept getting longer and longer it seemed.

It also seems I’m in the school musical ^^; I hope I won’t let anyone down. I’m practicing in my dorm room at the moment. This character, Beadle, he doesn’t seem like a very nice person. ^^; Oh well, it’s a play, after all. Just like role-playing games.

Oh! I just remembered. I changed back over my trip. ^^ It feels good to be normal again. If anyone wants them, I’m giving away the clothes I wore as a female, and all the others are going to charity. So, if you want any, feel free to stop by. I’ll drop them off next weekend.

Now, I’m curious… what’s with all the posts about this Rikku person? I don’t think we’ve met, but she certainly seems popular… with everyone…

[ooc: Yeah, Ry’s not going to fall for Rikku. I can’t really think of a bad or selfish reason he would be. He’s too pure and innocent. XD And he’s got a boyfriend Though that doesn’t seem to stop people XD He’ll probably just –try- and straighten people out XD]

whitewizardboy: (Ryou with ice cream)
2009-09-19 12:30 am
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Well, this week has certainly been an interesting one. From ‘triangles and being kidnapped, I’m not sure where to start… ^^;

First off, I would like to welcome all of the new students that seem to be transferring here. ^^ I hope that we all can be friends. I’m most likely found in the Boys’ Dorm, the library, or the music room, in case anyone’s interested… ^^;

Also, some classes have started up, so for those in my classes, I look forward to seeing you in class ^^;

My personal life? *blush*

About the triangles comment, I’ve got a good idea some people know what I’m talking about…and it’s not about the literal shapes or math… 


I can only hope it can be resolved quickly, quietly, and peacefully.

My little ‘adventure’ with Akefia?


Let’s just say I’ll try and be a bit more aware of my mannerisms and habits from now on…>>; *still slightly creeped out* *mental shudder, hoping Akefia doesn't sense that*

Well, that’s about I can think of for now. If I forgot anything, just let me know and I’ll correct it ^^; 

Thanks for listening. ^^