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The Journal of Bakura Ryou

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Name:獏良 了
Birthdate:Sep 2
Location:United States of America
This is a RP journal for Red Crayon Academy([info]redcrayon_rp) and Dekrys Space Station ([info]dekrys).

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Name: Bakura Ryou
AU, OU, GB: Mostly canon with some head canon to fill in some gaps in his history
Gender: Male, but I have been known to gender-bend him on several occasions.
Species: Human, as far as I know.

Physical Description of Character: Ryou is about average height, standing at about five foot seven, with long white hair. He has doe brown eyes, and is a bit on the skinny side. He is pale-skinned and has a tendency to bruise easily, mostly from his own clumsiness. He, most of the time, dresses down. He won’t show a lot skin, but he will wear t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers, like most teenagers. On his left arm is a stab wound scar he received in Battle City, and on his left hand is a stab wound, also healed over. This one was received before he went to Duelist Kingdom. On his chest are also marks of where the Millennium Ring skewered his skin.

Point in Canon: Post Series, After the Ceremonial Duel.

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Personality: Ryou… is shy, to say the least. Because of his past, he’s not exactly prone to being close to others. He also worries easily, about himself, about others, little things, big things, all kinds of things. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t try to be optimistic and friendly. When people describe him, they usually throw in that he’s extremely polite. Because of his Japanese background, he will address people by their family/last name first with a –san attached unless told otherwise. In his spare time, he likes reading books and playing board games (or video games if he’s by himself). He also has a fascination with history, mainly stemming from his father being an ancient Egyptian archeologist. For his likes, he likes sweet things and green tea, the sweets for his sweet tooth, the tea to calm his nerves. For his dislikes, he doesn’t like loud noises, or huge surprises. He also doesn’t like people pushing him, literally and figuratively. He likes doing things at his own pace, and doesn’t like people making him do things he doesn’t want to do.

Internally, he also has an inferiority complex. He has very low self-esteem and very little self-worth. To compensate for that, he tries to help others as much as he can, despite his shyness and whether or not he has something to gain in the process. If he can’t please someone else, then he can’t please himself.

Little quirks include not being able to do sports, since he’s clumsy and has a tendency to trip over things.

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History of the Character: When Ryou was ten years old, he received a peculiar birthday present from his father. It was a large ring with the Eye of Horus in its center. That artifact, though not to his knowledge at the time, was going to change his life forever.

A few weeks after he had gotten this mysterious ring, his mother and younger sister, Amane, died in a car accident. This triggered a chain reaction of Ryou being moved place to place, to suit the needs of the then silent Spirit of the Ring, searching for the seven sacred items; meanwhile Ryou kept gaining Monster World figures, but losing new friends to mysterious comas. Only until he moved to Domino did the Spirit make himself and his intentions known.

Ryou tried to resist him a few times, and succeeded a few times with the help of Yuugi and company. However, most of his best efforts seemed in vain until at one point he couldn’t fight anymore. He had basically receded into himself with the spirit, Bakura, having free reign. There were moments of freedom, but they were regulated by the Spirit, usually to his gain. This was especially seen in Battle City, when Ryou’s arm was cut open and barely stayed in one place for rest and medical treatment. Ryou was then exploited in the duel pitting him against Yuugi/The Pharaoh. Because of his injury and because of Yuugi’s apprehension to attack his friend, he would have had to choose between destroying his friend and moving on in the finals to destroy the ‘real’ evil. Ryou was only spared because of Bakura’s interference.

He was freed from the Spirit’s tyranny when he is sent away for good after the defeat of Zorc Necrophades in the Memory World game. His initial response was to pass out from exhaustion, like a horse that was just pushed too hard by its rider. After gaining his strength back, he went with the others to watch the ceremonial duel between Yuugi and Atem.

Magical Powers/Skills: None.

Weapons: None.

Year: Fourth Year
Age: 18
Room Assignment

Department: Engineering
Specific Jobs:Structure
Age: 17
Leader: Seto Kaiba
Other Relationships:

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Mun Info:

Name: Krys
Age: 23
Have you ever rp'd in a comm before: Yes, I have.
Screen Name we can contact you at:[info]not_krys
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