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Introduction into Monster World
-Monster World is a fantasy role-playing game combined with a board game. If you've played Dungeons and Dragons, this is similar in nature. If you've played a fantasy role-playing video game [ooc: Like the Final Fantasy Series], then this will seem familiar, because the RPG genre has it's origins here. This game will have the same elements as a RPG video game, except the game won't be through a television screen. This one will be played on a tabletop surface in real time. Instead of having the media go-between, you will play your character as you see fit, in real time.

The Basics
-The Players are split into two groups, the Dark Master and the Adventurers.
-The Dark Master controls the various evil monsters of this world and his role is to stop the Adventurers at all costs. I’ll play the dark master the first few times until everyone gets a feel for the game.
-The Adventurers work together as a team to try and defeat the Dark Master and pick characters for themselves. The characters below are not set in stone as I will allow for customizations. These are merely guidelines to help you decide.
-When the Adventurers find the Boss Monster and defeat him, they win.
-If all the characters are defeated, the Dark Master wins.

Game Play

Human: Powerful, agile, intelligent, balanced
Elf: Not very strong, charismatic, good with magic
Half-Elf: Crossbreed of Human and Elves
Hobbit: Small, very agile and strong, make good thieves
Fairy: Intelligent, can fly, can use different kinds of magic.
Dwarf: Not very intelligent, has a lot of strength and stamina
Birdman: Can fly and are very charismatic


The Rules
-The amount of hit-points depends on what his level is.
-Both players have a pair of dice, of which each is a different color [ooc: We’ll use the fun little trick (dice roll) in the IM chat to decide the two numbers, the first being the ten number, the second being the ones number]
-Place the figure of the hero(es) in the Starting Zone to begin.
-The hero can never use just one die to move, and he or she cannot move diagonally, nor can they move across mountains.

1 or 4 Means you move 1 space
2 or 5 means you move 2 spaces
3 or 6 means you move 3 spaces
Any more combinations result in adding the two together. Such as having 1 and 5 meaning you move 3 spaces.

-The Dark Master has to keep constant watch on where the player is and where the monsters are with the Field Check sheet. If the hero comes across a space where a monster is placed, then a battle will take place.

-The Dark Master tells the hero which monster he needs to defeat. Both players will throw one die. [ooc: We’ll use the first number of the roll] The one who throws the highest number attacks first.
-If both players throw the same number, they will attack simultaneously. [ooc: As stated before, our numbers on the dice roll will be the deciding number.] The number is deducted from the opponents HP.
-If the hero throws a double number, it will result in a critical hit. Critical hits deduct 100 HP from the opponent and adds 100 HP to the hero’s stats! This does not apply to any monsters or Zorc.
-When the hero defeats a monster, he or she throws the dice and adds the number to their HP.

Other Rules
-When the hero enters a village, his or her hit-points can be restored. But you can only visit each village one time.
Village A---200 HP
Village B---150 HP
Village C---100 HP
-When the hero steps on a land mine, they receive 100 HP of damage.
-The Levels of the Hero [ooc: the 400 is to start with. The rest are added on later.]
Level 1-400
Level 2-300
Level 3-200

Just let me know here with your name, race, and class you would like to start with. Remember that the ones listed above can be customized. This is your character. Make them your own.
The date is still being decided upon, but I will let everyone know when the date is certain.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. I'm more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Sign-Up Sheet

Yuugi Mutou-Half-Elf, Beast Tamer

Akefia Bakura-Birdman, Robber

Rebecca Harcourt-Human, Magician.

Houshakuji Renge-Fairy, Illusionist

Arthur Kirkland-Fairy, Magician

Aeris Gainsborough, Fairy, Priest.

Yuffie Kisaragi-Hobbit, Hunter

Luka Megurine- Elf, Poet

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