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Canon Mates:

Known for:
Most of the Time

Friendship Level:

Trust Level:
I'll tell you my thoughts and feelings.
Some Phrases:
-You're someone I look up to.
-I do want to be good friends with you.
-I'd love to play games with you.
-I'd really love to play Monster World with you.
-I wonder what you really feel towards me.
-I wonder if, whenever you look at me, you see him.
-I don't want you to see him.
-I want you to see me.
-Just me and myself.
-I do feel a little bit of resentment towards you.
-But, it's okay.
-I won't let it get in the way of our friendship.
-I have fun whenever I tease you.
-But don't take it too seriously.
-I still want to be friends with you.
-You make me feel confident.
-And remind me how good it feels to have confidence in myself.
-I'd like to know more about you.
-Even though I've only known you through Yuugi-kun mostly.
-I'd still fight for you if the need arose.
Mokuba Kaiba

Known for:
Most of the time.

Friendship Level:
FRANDS~ :D (But more along the lines of an older sibling looking after a younger one.)

Trust Level:
I'll tell you my thoughts and feelings.
Some Phrases:
-I think you're cute.
-In that younger sibling kind of way.
-You remind me of my younger sister, which sometimes makes me smile.
-You remind me of my younger sister, which sometimes makes my heart ache.
-You're so adventurous.
-There are times when I worry about you.
-But I know that you can take care of yourself.
-Just don't get into too much trouble.
-I want to know more about you.
-I'd like to play video games with you.
-I sometimes wonder how you can have such devotion to your brother.
-There are times when I honestly cannot stand your brother.
-But I can understand why you care about him so much.
-Take care.

Seto Kaiba

Known for:
-Most of the time.

Friendship Level:
-More than acquaintances, but definitely not friends.

Trust Level:
-I'll tell you my thoughts, but that's about it.
Some Phrases:
-Stop trying to belittle me every time we meet.
-I'm not who you think I am.
-I want you to believe me.
-I want to have an intelligent conversation with you.
-I'm not out to kill everyone and anyone.
-I'd rather not kill everyone and anyone.
-I don't want your power, your money, or your company.
-Why can't you believe me?
-Even though I know the reason why.
-I'm not the Spirit of the Ring.
-I have a foggy memory of Battle City at best.
-I don't even remember half of the battles that I was in.
-The only clear memory I have of Battle City is facing down Slifer and falling to my knees in pain.
-I never kidnapped your brother.
-I never meant to cause any harm.
-I just want to help you guys get home.
-But, at this rate, I doubt I'll be seeing home ever again.
-Not that there was much of a home for me to go back to.
-I'm still under the impression that you might throw me into space should I do something to piss you off badly enough.
-I'd rather not be thrown into space.
-It wouldn't be a pleasant experience.
-All I really want to do is help.
-That is the honest truth.
-But I doubt you'll believe me any time soon.
-What can I do to make you see that I am telling the truth?
-All that I can be is myself.
-And even that isn't working out.
-So, the best that I can do is give small encouragements and small attempts at helping.
-Since you seem to not want anyone's help.
-And even small victories seem pointless to you.
-You belittle them enough.
-I'm not made of grandeur things.
-Even if I was made of grandeur things, it's not like you would notice.
-Or even care.
-But losing and being a loser is perfectly okay with me.
-Why can't you see that?
-I want to be friends with you.
-I want our time here to be as painless as possible, despite the circumstances.
-I really just want us to get along.
-I want us to be civil with each other.
-Can't we let bygones be bygones?
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Arrived: Saturday, February 4th, 2012.

Room: The Stowaways, 3-7, with James Shepard [[personal profile] fightforthelost], Rider (Alexander the Great)[[personal profile] king_of_conquerors], and Amaterasu [[personal profile] motherofthesun]

Current Wage:
College Wage
Inventory: His Guide, his towel, his clothes, his Duel Monster Deck, and his White Wizard figurine. For his 18th Birthday, Atem got him a Duel Disk.

Job History:

Feb 2012: Honeybuns needs bun and roll bakers. [Minimum]
Mar 2012: Verknüpft needs pretzel twisters. [Minimum]
Apr 2012: The Palestra Foreign Embassy needs artists to paint a mural depicting universal diversity and good cheer. [Somewhat Decent]
May 2012: Melgamar Manufacturing needs staff for the catering truck. [Somewhat Decent] RAGE/SICK QUIT Resigned because of health reasons.
June 2012: The Papairo Colony needs sculpters to craft statues large enough to be seen from space. [Somewhat Decent]
July 2012: The Seen Library needs artists and cartographers to draw diagrams of the newly discovered ghost city. [Somewhat Decent]  
August 2012: The S.S. Thor needs "THE END IS NIGH" signmakers. [College Degree]
September 2012: The Seen Library needs librarians. [College Degree]
October 2012: Honeybuns needs pumpkin pastry bakers. [College Degree]
November 2012: Channel 6-2a needs make-up artists for their on-air newscasters. [College Degree]
December 2012: Rabu Rabu Sugoi Games needs fanartists for their special holiday deluxe artbook. [College Degree]

January 2013: Didn't take a job this month. I blame the mun.
February 2013: Kaiba Corporation seeks someone to program gaming devices and enter code into a central server.[Somewhat Decent]
March 2013 (Current): Templeton's Temptations needs carpenter-chefs to prepare delicious things to gnaw on. [College Degree]

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