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Arrived: Saturday, February 4th, 2012.

Room: The Stowaways, 3-7, with James Shepard [[personal profile] fightforthelost], Rider (Alexander the Great)[[personal profile] king_of_conquerors], and Amaterasu [[personal profile] motherofthesun]

Current Wage:
College Wage
Inventory: His Guide, his towel, his clothes, his Duel Monster Deck, and his White Wizard figurine. For his 18th Birthday, Atem got him a Duel Disk.

Job History:

Feb 2012: Honeybuns needs bun and roll bakers. [Minimum]
Mar 2012: Verknüpft needs pretzel twisters. [Minimum]
Apr 2012: The Palestra Foreign Embassy needs artists to paint a mural depicting universal diversity and good cheer. [Somewhat Decent]
May 2012: Melgamar Manufacturing needs staff for the catering truck. [Somewhat Decent] RAGE/SICK QUIT Resigned because of health reasons.
June 2012: The Papairo Colony needs sculpters to craft statues large enough to be seen from space. [Somewhat Decent]
July 2012: The Seen Library needs artists and cartographers to draw diagrams of the newly discovered ghost city. [Somewhat Decent]  
August 2012: The S.S. Thor needs "THE END IS NIGH" signmakers. [College Degree]
September 2012: The Seen Library needs librarians. [College Degree]
October 2012: Honeybuns needs pumpkin pastry bakers. [College Degree]
November 2012: Channel 6-2a needs make-up artists for their on-air newscasters. [College Degree]
December 2012: Rabu Rabu Sugoi Games needs fanartists for their special holiday deluxe artbook. [College Degree]

January 2013: Didn't take a job this month. I blame the mun.
February 2013: Kaiba Corporation seeks someone to program gaming devices and enter code into a central server.[Somewhat Decent]
March 2013 (Current): Templeton's Temptations needs carpenter-chefs to prepare delicious things to gnaw on. [College Degree]

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