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[OOC: This, quite literally, came to me in the night after receiving the response from the IC email to Mod-sama/the Headmistress. Am I going to get in trouble for this? *scared* D8 The proof in the pudding is right here: http://krysimeteri.livejournal.com/5947.html ]

Ryou sat with his laptop on the bed, almost frozen in shock.

Thank you for your forethought; however, at this time you must stay within the Academy dorms as you are not authorized to be staying off campus.

He just realized something…

He had been living with Akefia and Squalo for the past two months. Unauthorized living with them. And no one has said a word.

Didn’t his roommate notice if he was missing or not? Shouldn’t he have reported it to someone?

And what about now? Would he have to go back while he’d been comfortably living illegally?

He wanted to give up his dorm so that there would be more space to help out the girls and the teachers. But he can’t just go and sign up for off-campus living. Wouldn’t it look suspicious just after the news of the pipes bursting? That he didn’t like the dorms that much?

Well, he liked them. They were a wonderful place to live. He just… found something better with Akefia and Squalo…

He was close to panic, wondering if he should go back. Would they check the dorms to make sure things were in order or something? Setting his laptop down on the nightstand, he laid on his stomach on the bed, clutching a pillow close, full of worry.

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