Sep. 19th, 2009

whitewizardboy: (Ryou with ice cream)

Well, this week has certainly been an interesting one. From ‘triangles and being kidnapped, I’m not sure where to start… ^^;

First off, I would like to welcome all of the new students that seem to be transferring here. ^^ I hope that we all can be friends. I’m most likely found in the Boys’ Dorm, the library, or the music room, in case anyone’s interested… ^^;

Also, some classes have started up, so for those in my classes, I look forward to seeing you in class ^^;

My personal life? *blush*

About the triangles comment, I’ve got a good idea some people know what I’m talking about…and it’s not about the literal shapes or math… 


I can only hope it can be resolved quickly, quietly, and peacefully.

My little ‘adventure’ with Akefia?


Let’s just say I’ll try and be a bit more aware of my mannerisms and habits from now on…>>; *still slightly creeped out* *mental shudder, hoping Akefia doesn't sense that*

Well, that’s about I can think of for now. If I forgot anything, just let me know and I’ll correct it ^^; 

Thanks for listening. ^^


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