Nov. 20th, 2009

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Good to see everyone again. I hope my recent absence hasn’t caused any problems. ^^; I was on a trip with my Father and the trip just kept getting longer and longer it seemed.

It also seems I’m in the school musical ^^; I hope I won’t let anyone down. I’m practicing in my dorm room at the moment. This character, Beadle, he doesn’t seem like a very nice person. ^^; Oh well, it’s a play, after all. Just like role-playing games.

Oh! I just remembered. I changed back over my trip. ^^ It feels good to be normal again. If anyone wants them, I’m giving away the clothes I wore as a female, and all the others are going to charity. So, if you want any, feel free to stop by. I’ll drop them off next weekend.

Now, I’m curious… what’s with all the posts about this Rikku person? I don’t think we’ve met, but she certainly seems popular… with everyone…

[ooc: Yeah, Ry’s not going to fall for Rikku. I can’t really think of a bad or selfish reason he would be. He’s too pure and innocent. XD And he’s got a boyfriend Though that doesn’t seem to stop people XD He’ll probably just –try- and straighten people out XD]


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