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[ooc: Remember, actions are in italics][And about the game night comment, since no one showed up or asked about it… it’s pretty much over now…it was an optional event anyway >>; Just… pretend random things happened XD unless we are all mean to him and nobody showed up D8]

Well, if I’ve learned anything from my time at RCA, I’ve definitely learned to never let Akefia near the kitchen to cook again. Is this why Squalo-san is usually the one to cook? Good thing I got these new headphones. They really know how to block outside sounds.

On a better note, how is everyone? Doing well, I hope?

It seems there has been an influx of new students. I hope that we can be friends. I’m Bakura Ryou, in case you are wondering. ^^

The game night was fun. I hope that everyone else had a good time… I know that I did…

…Well… I’ve got some homework to finish and I’d thought I drop by and give a small greeting.
See you when I see you. ^^;

The boy rubbed his eyes sleepily. He was sleeping too much again… and he was painfully reminded that it was starting to affect his school work, among other things. Maybe if he was a bit more alert, he could have prevented the fire in the kitchen. Honestly, he knew how to use a stove and how to cook on top of it. Hell, he usually made his tea on a stovetop instead of a microwave.

Well, he didn’t really want to be near the kitchen at the moment. He made a face and started looking for clothes. He’d need them as he planned to take a long, hot shower. It would probably help him feel better and more refreshed.


Ryou stopped for a moment. He could have sworn he heard something. Maybe not hearing like normal, but more inside of his heart and soul…

Was it Akefia using the mind link? The boy didn’t see why. If they needed one or the other, they could use the link, but he didn’t sense any danger…

Feeling a little under the weather?

The boy looked around, trying to find the source of the voice.

Don’t bother looking around. I’ll only make myself visible when –I- choose to be.

He stopped in his tracks. He knew that voice. He knew it all too well…
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