Jan. 17th, 2010

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[ooc: Remember, actions are in italics][And about the game night comment, since no one showed up or asked about it… it’s pretty much over now…it was an optional event anyway >>; Just… pretend random things happened XD unless we are all mean to him and nobody showed up D8]

Well, if I’ve learned anything from my time at RCA, I’ve definitely learned to never let Akefia near the kitchen to cook again. Is this why Squalo-san is usually the one to cook? Good thing I got these new headphones. They really know how to block outside sounds.

On a better note, how is everyone? Doing well, I hope?

It seems there has been an influx of new students. I hope that we can be friends. I’m Bakura Ryou, in case you are wondering. ^^

The game night was fun. I hope that everyone else had a good time… I know that I did…

…Well… I’ve got some homework to finish and I’d thought I drop by and give a small greeting.
See you when I see you. ^^;

And the Action Scene. Woot. )


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